Fibromyalgia driving Symptoms:Driving Problem Associated With Fibromyalgia And Their Solutions

Peoples with fibromyalgia cannot walk, drive or bike very far without pain. Getting a ride is mostly not an easy task for Fibro community. Driving requires person to sit in a fixed position and move in some specific ways that may worsen the pain.

When you are suffering from fibromyalgia, travel is also daunting and common triggers for a fibro. It is good to know whats makes the driving and traveling such a common trigger for Fibro.

Experts figure out that less sleep, poor sleep quality and frequent insomnia complaints are associated with fibromyalgia. Well its explains of the car crashes because sleep issues can be dangerous for drivers.

On interview with some fibromyalgia Patient they said that they sometimes forget where they were or where they were going. And that’s the terrible thing you can imagine it too. Few have also told that they can’t sit for too long as there back, knee or butt start hurting .If you are suffering from fibromyalgia, you can relate it too. And driving with fibromyalgia become worst if you get aches in hand and fingers.

Driving with fibromyalgia

Stress is a trigger for many conditions and fibromyalgia is one of them. Stress is a common trigger of flare ups, and driving is a stressor that can bring about fibromyalgia symptoms, especially if you get stuck in traffic that makes it difficult to get home or get to work on time. As well as being stressful, driving requires you to sit in a position and move in ways that may worsen your pain.

Trains, buses and taxis are options in many towns, but public transportation comes with its own stresses and is not available everywhere. Many people with fibromyalgia cannot walk or bike very far without pain and getting a ride is not always an easy task.

As a result of all this, you may not able to avoid driving, especially if you work. Fortunately there a few things you can do to better cope with stressful driving situations.

One of the biggest causes of driving concerns is cognitive dysfunction, aka brain fog or fibro fog. In addition, some people worry about panic attacks while some have problems with balance and dizziness.

Cognitive dysfunction and driving

Its fairly common to hear someone with these illnesses talking about somewhere they have been a hundred times, only to suddenly forget where they are, where they are going and why. Or, at times, we may forget a familiar route, get lost, and have no ability to orient ourselves.

Cognitive dysfunction is actually an umbrella term for several symptoms that negatively impact the way our brain work. The specific symptoms that can lessen our ability to drive include:


directional disorientation

trouble concentrating

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