ESPN Writer Insinuates Cavs Smoked Weed in Their Locker Room After Game 2

It feels like sometimes people will say anything to create a story.

2017 NBA Finals - Game Two

Though the Cavs did lose in particularly disappointing fashion Sunday night, let’s keep things in perspective. It’s only Game 2, the Cavs have been here before, and these are guys with a lot to lose and a lot of eyes on them.

Do you really think they’d get away with smoking weed in the locker room after a game, and no one would notice? Really? This is quite the reach.

​​Joking or not, I’m sure most of the Cavaliers players wouldn’t particularly appreciate these comments. Especially, in the event that they are proven to be untrue.

Mike Wise even copped to the fact that his first tweet was misleading.

The media seems to be really getting under the Cavs skin as of late. In LeBron James’ ceremonial postgame interview, even The King got a little antsy with one of the reporters by his locker, ​which is becoming a less than rare occurrence.

If you thought losing by an average of 20 points through the first two games of the Finals was enough to get Cleveland geared up for their upcoming home stint, the media may just be adding fuel to that fire.

Golden State better show up to Cleveland prepared, because we’ve already seen what LeBron and crew can do after being down 0-2.

The Warriors should want everyone who isn’t currently playing for them to shut up right about now. They don’t want to make LeBron any angrier.

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