9 Cancer Zodiac Facts That Explain Them Perfectly…# 4 is amazing

9 Cancer Zodiac Facts That Explain Them Perfectly…

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Cancers are often seen as some of the most mysterious creatures in all of the zodiac… and for good reason too. They can be extremely guarded at times and those that don’t know them well can find it almost impossible trying to read them. But never fear, because today I’ll be sharing some extremely revealing Cancer facts to help ‘decode’ their personality a little bit…


#1: Cancers are *full* of puzzling contradictions.

One of the reasons Cancers can be so damn hard to figure out is they can’t easily be fit into any one category. They have an extremely diverse range of differing traits, talents and quirks, some of which even seem to contradict each other.


On one hand, the Cancer craves stability and security. But they also have an itch for adventure. At times, they can seem like the most friendly people on the planet… but if you catch them when they’re moody they can seem like a whole different person. Cancers are full of these weird and puzzling contradictions but it’s part of what makes them interesting.

#2 – Cancers are damn observant and they have a way of knowing things before you’ve even said a word.

Don’t be fooled by the Cancer’s more sensitive side because they are far from naiive. They are constantly observing the world around them as they pick up on cues and vibes that others simply miss.

Cancer Insight

Thanks to their killer natural intuition they can basically read people like a book. They can quickly tell when someone is feeding them spin as something will just seem “off”. And more often then not they turn out to be totally on the money.

#3 – Cancer is a caring and generousfriend who always gives more than they take.

When it comes to their true friends there is very little that the Cancer wouldn’t do to help. They’re not the type of person who goes around “leeching” off people and they absolutely hate to feel like they are being a burden.


They’re always putting the needs of those they care about before their own and when a friend encounters turbulence they’re often the first to rush to their aid. In short, the Cancer is an awesome friend to have!

#4 – Cancer is generally calm andcollected. Unless provoked… then they can be ferocious.

For the most part the Cancer is pretty laid back and relaxed about things. Which is why it can surprise people when they respond so fiercy to acts of provocation. When over bearing personalities push them too far the Cancer can snap and unleash a fury of hell.


They can’t stand it when people get all up in their space trying to make outrageous demands. Cancer just naturally responds to this type of this with disgust and resentment… and they can be quite heated with their words in the moment!

#5 – Cancers are night owls who have many of their best thoughts at 3AM.

There’s something about the peace and quite of the night that many Cancers find extremely appealing. It’s this lack of chaos that allows them to really focus on their thoughts and develop their ideas.

Night Time

The downside however, is they can have a bad habit of staying up waaaaay too late waaaay too often, even when they’ve got important shit to do in the morning. They can’t help it really, they get engrossed in whatever they are doing, lose track of time and then BOOM it’s time to get up again.

#6 – Cancer is an incredibly sensual lover who just LOVES affection.

The Cancer tends to be a bit of a sucker for love. They might take a while to commit but when they fall for someone they do so BIG time. In love, they become incredibly passionate and they’re well-known for their love of affection.


Those who have the chance to date a Cancer will discover just how big their heart is. They have a hell of a lot of love to give to the right person!

#7 – Cancers have crazy-goodmemories that can remembereverything.

Cancer has a memory that is something like that of a robot. They can remember times, places and all sorts of details about things that happened literally years ago… and with sharp clarity too.


At times it can be one of their greatest strengths but it can also mean they remember some things which they would much rather forget. Nobody wants to have to replay that embarrassing moments from months ago over and over again in their head!

#8 – Once you abuse a Cancer’s trustit can be impossible to get it back.

Trust and loyalty are at the very top of Cancer’s checklist of things that they look for in a friend and lover. But whilst it can take them a really long time to build up trust with someone… it can take just moments to have it broken.


If their trust is abused in a serious enough way then the damage can be almost irreversible making it impossible for the Cancer to trust you again. It’s one thing to get screwed over by a stranger but being hurt by those they care most can be totally devastating for a Cancer.

#9 – Cancers are secretive about their ways!

It’s not uncommon for the Cancer to just drop off the map and make themselves uncontactable for a while. Don’t ask: they’re just doing secret-cancer-business. Usually, they just need a break from the fast paced nature of life to be alone with their thoughts.


To those that don’t know them well Cancer can seem like a total enigma. But they have a very good reason and a purpose for everything that they do, even if it’s not always obvious!

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